Version 1.3 released

In June we published SmartDictionary version 1.3. The issue with storage has been fixed as well as other small bugs. We hope you are enjoying it!

New Update: SmartDictionary Version 1.2

We are excited to announce the launch of SmartDictionary version 1.2! This major update includes three new dictionaries.

This includes:
Malaga: Norwegian-English-Spanish
Barcelona: English-Spanish
Gdansk: English-Polish

We also introduced 2 new features we’re calling, “Improve Your Dictionary.”
Missing word – Send feedback on words that are missing in the dictionary.
It could be better – Request changes to misspellings, errors in translations, explanations, and so on.

Thanks for supporting SmartDictionary with your reviews!

Latest News

Hello SmartDictionary users!
Right now our App is in maintenance mode. We haven’t received any new features requests, and we have no new updates to share. Which is good news for now!
Usage: Currently we’ve had 25,000 downloads since our first release, and have 8,000 active users. Most of you are living in Norway, but 34% of you are in Poland!
 Future Development: Our plans are to complete a web-based version of the app and to continue to improve the English side of the dictionary (by adding more pronunciations, verb forms and irregular verbs, and so on.)
New Languages: We have received new language requests. You would like to see English-Thai and English-Arabic versions. Thanks to those of you who sent in the required datasets and databases. That isn’t something we’re going to move on now but all feedback is welcome!
Let us know how things are going with the app and if you have any bug reports or feature requests. Thanks!

Release: SmartDictionary 1.0.5

SmartDictionary version 1.0.5 is now available!

This update is a minor bug fix. We received reports that the application was stopping and asking for re-initialization and in some cases a need to re-download the dictionary.

That is now fixed. Thank you to our users for sending bug reports in! A big objective of SmartDictionary is for the application to be reliable in an offline environment, i.e. when you are traveling  and/or do not have reliable internet connectivity. Please continue to submit bug reports!

SmartDictionary continues to be developed, but currently we are in maintenance mode. Future development plans include an enhanced English dictionary, a Spanish dictionary, learning cards, and more!

What are users saying about SmartDictionary?

Probably the nicest part about developing an app is the response we receive from users. Here are some recent reviews of the SmartDictionary app from users that posted on Google Play.


Jim on March 31, 2012 (Samsung Galaxy S2 with version 1.0.3)

Swietna aplikacja! Swietna robota! Widac ze sie ktos natrudzil aby to zrobic. Dziekuje!

GF on April 5, 2012 (Samsung Galaxy S with version 1.0.3)

Great value. It’s really amazing having such easy to use, complete and free dictionary

andy on December 16, 2011 (HTC Desire S with version 1.0.2)

Good one. Pretty handy

Another user wrote this review (in Polish). The English translation follows.

5 Super sprawa!Do tego offline.Moge smialo go polecic.Jakby byl platny to i tak bym go kupil.

5 Super deal! This offline.Use it without hesitation.if it was paid i would have bought it.

So glad you are finding the app useful! Thanks for sharing your review! Thanks to Jim, GF and Andy for reviewing SmartDictionary, and for all of the other users who rated the app 4 and 5 stars. We are averaging 4.4 stars, and aim to get that higher!


Version 1.0.3 now available!

We are excited to announce the latest version of SmartDictionary! The latest release, SmartDictionary 1.0.3, includes a few new features and the expansion of the Polish dictionary.

Additions, in brief:

  •  Translation service: whenever you need to translate a sentence, or there is a missing term (word), SmartDictionary will try to translate it online. Please note this function requires an internet connection.
  • Extended Polish dictionary. The Polish dictionary has been updated from 4,000 unique terms to 40,000 unique terms! Current Polish dictionary users will notice an extensive upgrade in their experience with this dictionary!
  • Automatic update service. This feature will periodically check the main SmartDictionary repository for updates or new dictionaries. If new versions are found, it notifies you that updates are available to download.
  • Minor bug fixes.

As always, thanks for your support, and please do send bug reports, suggestions, and comments! We especially enjoy hearing your stories of how SmartDictionary has improved your world!


The Polish Language in SmartDictionary

Polish was released just a week ago and has already surged past Russian and English as the most-used language in the SmartDictionary! We want to let you know that the Polish dictionary is only released in a very early initial version at this point. It is not as well-developed as the Norwegian, Russian and English dictionaries. To give you better understanding consider that:

  • Norwegian to English has 15,000 unique terms
  • English to Norwegian has 16,000 unique terms
  • Norwegian to Russian has between 14,000-15,000 unique terms
  • But right now the Polish dictionary has only 4,000-4,500 unique terms.

Which means SmartDictionary will be even more useful after the next update when we improve the quality of the Polish dictionary. So keep using it, send in your feedback, and we will keep you updated on new versions and release upgrades as they occur! Please spread the word about SmartDictionary to friends, colleagues, family members and other Android users that would find SmartDictionary useful!


Smart Dictionary beta version 1.0.2

SmartDictionary on Twitter

The latest version of Smart Dictionary is now available! This version, Beta version 1.0.2 released 11 December 2011, sees the addition of the Polish language.


Latest Feature Additions:

– Includes addition of the Polish language with translation to/from Norwegian and English.
– History of recently translated words
– Full text and phrase searches
– Basic grammar (verb forms)
– Includes even more unique terms and usage examples than beta version 1.0.1 release.

System requirements: 1.0.2 (for Android version 2.2 and higher)

Smart Dictionary Beta Released

Smart Dictionary, a free app designed to Android OS phone users, is available for general beta release. The application, which the creator, Stavanger expatriate software engineer Valeriy Zhylko describes as, “instant translation for smart people living, working and travelling abroad”, seeks to help the communication experience of English and Slavic-language speakers in Norway. It is also indispensable for Norwegians seeking to improve their ability to communicate in those languages.

Smart Dictionary was built entirely from scratch. It is the first offline Android-based dictionary aimed at English and Russian (Slavic languages) speakers living in Norway. The app, which after download is usable completely offline, allows users to look up words and phrases from English, Norwegian and Russian (and vice versa) through an alphabet-based navigation system. Due to popular demand, the Polish language will be included in the next release, slated for sometime in December ’11.

 Smart Dictionary works on Android 2.2 or newer.

Download the Smart Dictionary App FREE in the Android Marketplace